In the past 30 years, the Group has grown thanks to a sensible policy of industrial acquisitions and has a strong and consolidated presence in foreign markets through companies and branches.

P&R has a turnover of around 900 million euros. The group employs globally approximately 3,700 direct employees and 1,500 operators in the satellite industries.

Through research and innovation, we support our customers in facing new global challenges with solutions able of creating economic, environmental and social value.

The Companies Fidia, Olon and Sir Industriale are part of the P&R Group.

Fidia is a pharmaceutical Italian company founded in 1946 and it’s a world leader in research and development, production and marketing of hyaluronic acid products and its derivatives (+700 patents).

Its products are used in strategic medical areas such as joint health, skin health, in addition to cardio-metabolism, gynaecology, neuroscience, ophthalmology, aesthetic medicine, regenerative and anti-infective medicine. While maintaining a robust presence in Italy, the group has a strong vocation for international development and distributes its products to over 100 countries worldwide. This is possible thanks to a consolidated network of partners and distributors, and its own sales subsidiaries in strategic markets such as the United States, Germany , Spain, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Egypt and the Middle East.

Fidia has over 1,300 global employees and boasts a turnover of 300 million euros (2018), of which over 50% generated abroad.

OLON is a leading Italian company manufacturing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) through synthesis and biological processes for the generic market and CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization).

Olon generates a turnover of 420 million euros, with over 230 APIs and 33 chemical intermediates. Olon holds approximately 155 active UsDMFs and 69 granted CEPs , boasting an extensive know-how in regulatory matters.

With more than 2,000 employees, 200 of which in research and development, Olon offers integrated packages and services to support the complete development of APIs from the early clinical phases to marketing, relying on proven knowledge of chemical and biological processes, all within cGMP and regulatory coverage.

Sir Industriale is an Italian company specialized in development, production and marketing of high-tech products including thermoplastic and thermosetting resins (EPS, Epoxy Resins, Saturated and Unsaturated Polyester Resins, Powder and Can-Coating Additives).

The company has two production sites and generates a turnover of 120 million euros, 60% of which on international markets.

The leader expertise in toll manufacturing production and development of tailor-made products has recognized SIR as one of the best manufacturer in the last 10 years.