P&R S.p.A internal policy called “Responsible Partnership” reflects the Group’s desire to invest continuously and consistently in research and development and in advanced production processes. It also underlines the Company commitment in maintaining the highest quality standards in production, with respect of the environment and with commercial reliability.

P&R Ethic Code

Our goals

Customer satisfaction

We meet our customers’ needs by improving their competitive position through technologically advanced and high quality products and by ensuring the highest levels of service provided.

Preservation of human resources

We provide a stimulating and efficient working environment for our human resources with equal opportunities for personal development and a fair recognition of individuals’ contributions and abilities with http://Casino10.net.

Sustainable development

We direct our technological development towards an increasingly eco-friendly production, which is safer for our employees and more efficient, both in terms of costs and use of resources.


We provide a profitable return to all shareholders.


We contribute to the economic, technological and social development of the countries in which we operate.

Our core values


The Companies of the P&R Group guarantee, following the indications of the D. lgs. 231/2001

  • Appropriate Code of Ethics
  • Control of corporate financial flows
  • Control of company documentation Hierarchical control through a mandate system
  • Special internal sanction system
  • Appropriate control of information systems
  • Control of external collaborators

To guarantee the accuracy and transparency of the work of all internal and external staff, both with regard to the Public Administration and towards private individuals.


The P&R Group is a leading company within the international chemistry and pharmaceutical sector.

Our actions are inspired and constantly in pursue of the following principles:

  • High Quality
  • High Competence
  • Technology
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Focus on Human Capital
  • Competitiveness in Research & Development
  • Responsible Partnership

This is a summary of the moral rights and duties defining the ethical-social responsibility of each participant in the business organization.

The Code of Ethics is a collective tool that guarantees the fair and effective management of transactions and human relations, a value supported by the Company’s reputation.

  • General ethical principles underlying the entrepreneurial mission
  • Ethical rules for business relations with all stakeholders (consumers, suppliers, control bodies, employees, etc.).
  • Ethical standards of behaviour
  • Equity and equality – Diligence – Honesty – Impartiality
  • Protection of people – Environmental Protection – Transparency – Confidentiality

Code of Ethics compliance is P&R Group internal behaviour model and represents the prerequisite for Human Resources development plans.